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PPCO ISO9001 Certification

Price Pump® Model RC

Close Coupled Horizontal and Vertical Centrifugal Pumps
Flows to 400 GPM (1514 LPM) / Heads to 75 feet (23 meters)
Sizes :
  • RC200-2" x 2" x 4"
  • RC300 -3" x 3" x 4-1/2"
  • RC200V -2" x 2" x 4"
  • RC300V -3" x 3" x 4-1/2"

  • RC AI (All Iron)
  • RC BF (Bronze Fitted)
RC300 Pump
  • Industry- Aquaculture, Coolant pumps and cold water circulating pumps, Chemical transfer pumps, Cooling Tower pumps
  • O.E.M.- Circulating Washers, Machine tool coolants
  • Compact close coupled design.
  • Motors are standard NEMA 'C' face design with ball bearings.
  • Single and three-phase are available in Drip Proof, Totally Enclosed or Explosion Proof design.
    Up to 5hp in three-phase DP or TE, and up to 3hp in three-phase XP.
  • Semi-open, high efficiency Francis type impeller.
  • Mechanical seal: 5/8" Type 6A Buna, carbon vs. ceramic, single seal standard
  • Fluorocarbon Type 21 and PTFE Type 9 single seals optional.Other seal faces and
    elastomers available.
  • Double Type 21 Fluorocarbon, neoprene or EPR seals optional
  • Seal flush and seal quench optional
  • Optional Power Frame available
Vertical Features:
  • Sealless construction
  • Carbon bushing standard, glass filled PTFE optional
  • Standard column length is 13" (33cm) in cast iron construction. For longer lengths the RC-V series offers a
    13" (33cm), 20" (50cm), 32" (81cm), and 44" (112cm) column in cast iron or 316SS.

Type RC-V

Technical Information
  Category RC200V   RC300V
Minimum Recommended Flow - GPM (LPM) 10 (38) 50 (189)
Minimum Immersion (measured from end of suction) - inch (cm)  8-18 (21) 8-3/4 (22)
Maximum Immersion (measured from bottom of motor) - inch (cm)  5-1/8 (13) 5-1/8 (13)
Maximum Solid Size - inch (mm) 0.38 (10) 0.38 (10)
Maximum Temperature - °F (°F) 300°F (149°C) 300°F (149°C)
Maximum Suction Pipe Extension - feet (meters) 3 (0.9) 3 (0.9)
  Contact Factory for higher Temperature options

Materials of Constuction
Volute Cast Iron Cast Iron
Column Cast Iron or Stainless Steel   Cast Iron or Stainless Steel  
Impeller  Cast Iron Bronze
Fasteners Plated Steel Plated Steel
Gasket Synthetic Fiber Synthetic Fiber
Bushing Carbon Graphite Carbon Graphite
Fume Barriers   Viton® or Teflon® Viton® or Teflon®
Shaft 316SS 316SS

US unit documentation

Metric unit documentation

Performance Curves:

Performance Curves:


Outline Drawings:

Outline Drawings:


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Technical Data Sheets:

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