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"Why a Magnetic Drive Pump?"

While magnetic drive pumps have been available for many years, the increased demand for these pumps has resulted from more stringent application requirements, advancements in magnet technology, the shortcomings of mechanical seals and legislation enactment regarding fugitive emissions.

When we speak of a magnetic drive pump, we're almost always speaking of radial aligned magnets that 'couple' a motor (typically electric) to a pump - see figure below.

Magnet Drive Pump Drawing
Larger image of  Magnet Drive Pump Drawing

A magnetic drive consists of three basic components:

   1.  Driving Magnet
   2.  Driven Magnet
   3.  Magnet Cup (Static barrier between the magnets)

The driving magnet (connected to the motor) is radially aligned with the driven magnet (connected to the pump) with the two magnets being separated by a (non-magnetic) cup, which seals the pumped fluid from the atmosphere, typically via a static o-ring, also referred to as a hermetic seal. When the driving magnet rotates (as power is applied to the motor), the driven magnet follows (due to strong magnetic attraction) thereby turning the input shaft of the pump. A magnetic drive pump is also referred to as a 'seal-less' pump due to the fact that the traditional 'mechanical seal' is no longer utilized.

Magnetic drive pumps have many advantages with the most common being:

   1.  Seal-less design, which eliminates potential problems with mechanical seals.
   2.  Zero leakage / 100% emissions free.
   3.  High reliability / Lower maintenance.
   4.  Safer operations pumping hazardous fluids.

Seal failure, fluid or emissions leakage, and safety concerns are still primary drivers for the adoption of magnetic drive pump technology, but the increase in reliability and lower cost of ownership have become equally important reasons for their acceptance.

So, if your application requires leak-free pumping, high reliability, safer operation handling hazardous or expensive fluids and low cost of operation, you should consider a magnetic drive pump from Price Pump Company.

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