One Hour Centrifugal Pump University       


Lesson One



Lesson Two







Lesson Three & Lesson Four





What is a Centrifugal Pump?

*  Developing Kinetic Energy

*  Pressure is Resistance to Flow

*  Head

*  Converting Head to Pressure

*  Impeller Diameter and R.P.M.


Reading a Performance Curve.

      *  Pump Speed (RPMs)

*  Flow

*  Head

*  Trimmed Impeller curves

*  Duty point

*  Brake Horsepower

*  End of Curve Horsepower

*  Pump Size.

Cavitation and NPSH

*  Cavitation

*  NPSH.

Affinity Laws

*  Affect of Changes in Pump Speed

*  Affect of Changes in Impeller Diameter