Price Pump® Model AOD®.25

.25″ Air Operated Diaghram Pump

Flows to 3.4 GPM (13 LPM) / Heads to 220 feet (67 meters)

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Stall-Free Design
Our “Posi-Shift”, tandem spool air distribution valve insures reliable operation in all types of low pressure and stop/start applications. Plus, fewer parts and no o-rings result in easier maintenance.

Oil-less Operation
No metal to metal wearing surfaces. State of the art materials and precision-manufacturing techniques combine to provide the industry’s original completely oil-less design. This design means: no oil misting into the environment, no unhealthy working conditions, no oil, lubricants or grease to contaminate your products. Our oil-less design results in lower operating and maintenance costs. This design has been field proven, working trouble-free since its introduction over 15 years ago.

Externally Serviceable Air Valve
No need to disassemble the pump for routine maintenance. The air valve can be quickly and easily maintained with minimal downtime.

Quiet Operation
Air valve design minimizes exhaust noise providing a significantly quieter work environment.

Technical Information
Metallic Non-Metallic
AOD®.25-A AOD®.25-S AOD®.25-P AOD®.25-K
Max. Flowrate – GPM (LPM) 3.4 (13) 3.4 (13) 3.4 (13) 3.4 13)
Max. Air Inlet Pressure – psi (bar) 100 (6.9) 100 (6.9) 100 (6.9) 100 (6.9)
Max. Suction Lift – Feet (Meters) 5 (1.5) 5 (1.5) 5 (1.5) 5 (1.5)
Max. Temperature – °F (°C) 212°F (100°C) 212°F (100°C)   (100°C) 180°F (82°C) 212°F (100°C)
Max. Solid Size – inch (mm) 0.100 (2.5) 0.100 (2.5) 0.100 (2.5) 0.100 (2.5)
Materials of Construction
  • Stainless Steel (S)
  • Aluminum (A)
  • Polypropylene (P)
  • Kynar® (K)

Teflon Elastomers

  • Teflon

Chemical Processing
Solvents, Alkalides, Magnesium Hydroxide, Resins, Electrolytes, Sulfuric Acid.

Wastewater, Oil Skimming, Stabilizers, Effluent Sludge, Sewage Treatment, Waste Oil.

Paint & Ink Manufacturing
Titanium Dioxide Slurry, Primer, Enamels, Alkaloid Resin, Stain, Varnishes.

Liquid Handling
Fluid Transfer, Oil/Water Separators, Sump & Pit Draining, Suspensions/Dispersions.

Tank and Bilge Drainage, Water Treatment, Oil Skimming, Fuel Transfer.

Performance Curves

US unit documentation

AOD® 0.25"

Metric unit documentation

AOD® 0.25"

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